Saturday, 25 April 2009

the day has come...GAZA Night

The BIG event
by HOTS Crew

Today is the day.
Today is the BIG day.
Today is near,
Today is here,
Today is beautiful,
Today is the dream,
Today is the future.

We are so excited about it. We are so excited waiting for it.
Come, join us anywhere you are,
come to KOMpleksTunkuAbdulRahman Dome [KOMTAR]
We will be performing for MC Mahadir [KL Drift]
and be with us in Charity Consert for GAZA.

Charity Concert for GAZA,
GAZA Night
Today, 5:00PM, KOMTAR Dome, Penang, Malaysia.

picture by Mr.C, Article by HOTS Crew


Universal Squad said...

The most prestigious breakdance championship in the country!
In conjunction of celebrating BOTY 20th anniversary worldwide!


30th & 31st May, 12pm @ 1 Utama (Rainforest).

Entry form available at:

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0162231120 / 0321433440

Battle Of The Year Malaysia 2009 is:

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Partners: 1 Utama, Radioactive
Supported by: Rakan Muda
Sound Editing: Take Off Records

The poster:

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Pok Li said...

Salam singgah.Tk.

Universal Squad said...

b-boy soul in da house..hehe

Mak Su said...

hola universal squad :)

all the best!!

Clique 99 Official Blog said...

mostly welcome aightt~
nice touch..
ada mahadhir eh?

Universal Squad POWERED by HOTS said...

hey, thanks everyone.
Malam amal GAZA was fun and.. the greatest things is, kita dapat bersedekah dan membantu mereka dan amat teringat sangat kepada kanak-kanak di GAZA, Alhamdulillah, kami bersyukur...

ya, malam itu, kami bersama Datuk Mukriz Mahathir, MC Mahadhir, Ahli Fikir, Stacy, Mawi, dan Mila...

next posting, GAZA. :)
tima kacihhh...

Universal Squad POWERED by HOTS said...

b-boy SoUl in da house...
tQ for posting Bro'

BOTY, MAL 2009.
So, are we in the competition?
ON or OFF?
Calling-calling, B-Boy Craze and B-Boy Psycho maybe got probs.. ha ha

kita survey dulu wokey,
HOTS Crew, HELP-Survey.