Tuesday, 21 July 2009

show time

Featuring Universal Squad
by HOTS Crew

Wow, this is it man, we are performing some move, steps, b-boy + traditional moves in the Theatre performance presents by HOTS.

In conjunction with Malaysia Theatre Festival 2009, Penang State Level,

HOTS proudly presents "LEGACY". HOTS featuring UNIVERSAL SQUAD had JUST made our dream come true. Universal Squad is about all dance, move, steps and whatever exercise we love to do. We have some Silat moves in that play as well. Ya man, we have 'Zapin' moves as well, yea, Zapin, the traditional moves, and its original okay.

Well, come join us:

Date : 25th July 2009 Saturday
Venue : Audotirum P.Ramlee, (P.Ramlee House), Taman Budaya, Penang
Time : 8:30PM

Ticket : FREE entrance, FREE seating, come early

Dress code : Proper dress, NO SHORT, NO Torn Jeans
(Sorry Guys, TAMAN BUDAYA, Remember? and sure we have No problem with that, cool bro)

See you there.

This is for GAZA (Part 2)

GAZA Night Charity Concert
by HOTS Crew

This is US, this is US, this is our style,
TQ friends...
Thank you for your SUPPORT!